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Naheed specializes in working with young children. She is a qualified Early Years music teacher and has a wealth of experience working in pre5 establishments around the country. Through active participation, Naheed enables children to experience music by singing, moving, responding and listening to music in a creative and exciting way.

Naheed’s workshops give children the opportunity to develop musical skills such as pulse, pitch, rhythm, dynamics as well as vital non-musical skills (i.e. linguistic, emotional, social and confidence skills).

Her workshops are tailored to suit the needs of the establishment and are usually combined with an In-service session for staff. Examples of just two of Naheed’s recent projects are described below. If you are a nursery or school and want to discuss your own ideas for a project, please get in touch by clicking here.

Music for Early Ears

A two year project for pre5 establishments run by City Halls involving regular workshops, teacher training and mentoring new tutors.

Around the World in 40 minutes

A multi-cultural workshop in West Lothian nurseries, taking children on a musical trip around the world, using song, dance and percussion instruments.


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“I just had to let you know how much my children - and staff - enjoyed the recent visit from Naheed Cruickshank. They responded well to all the activities and really got so much out of her visit - including some quiet children who don’t usually join in”

Irene McCrystal, Headteacher



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